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The Relevance of Judaism in the 21st Century

Our congregation identified that building meaningful relationships among congregants is a top priority for our community. With Small Groups, we create opportunities to connect with others in a meaningful, intentional and structured way.

Initially, a Small Group meets for four sessions over a three-month period around a compelling topic.

Each group schedules four times to get together, ideally between November 1st – February 1st

The four sessions include a teaching from one of the rabbis, accompanied by discussion questions.

Each session includes a 5-minute video followed by discussion questions that engage people in exploring the material and sharing personal experiences on the following topics:

Small Groups Intro 2018
Session 1: The Path of Torah

Session 2: The Path of Prayer
Session 3: The Path of Community
Session 4: The Path of Action

After the three-month period has ended, the members of each small group will decide if they want to continue meeting. They can pick study materials and topics from a recommended list, or plan to attend synagogue services together, or engage in a social action project. Group members can also decide to form or join another group or take a break from meeting with the group.

How Does A Small Group Get Formed?
During the High Holy Days, every member of the congregation will be invited to be a HOST. A HOST picks up the four-session Program booklet (distributed right outside the sanctuary and chapel on Yom Kippur) which includes: HOST instructions, Discussion materials, and other resources. There are also YouTube videos or a DVD upon request for each of the four sessions. The HOST can invite one or more people of their choice to form a “small group.” The people can be Temple members or not. The minimum size of the group is two and the recommended maximum is eight. The HOST finds a weekly time during the three-month period to host the group at their home.

The role of the HOST is to:

H – Have a heart for people
O – Open your home
S – Serve a snack
T – Turn on the YouTube video (or DVD)

At the end of the three-month period, groups will be invited to share their experiences at a Shabbat dinner with the congregation as a whole.

We look forward to sharing this meaningful relationship building process with our groups, which will culminate on February 8th with Shabbat Dinner at the temple at 6pm, just before Shabbat Services at 7:30pm. Save the date, and register here now!

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Small Groups Intro 2018
Session 1: The Path of Torah

Session 2: The Path of Prayer
Session 3: The Path of Community
Session 4: The Path of Action

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