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BESTY Board Election Information 2022-2023

The BESTY Board positions are as follows:

Vice President
Programming V.P.
Communications V.P.
Membership V.P.
Social Action V.P.
Religious and Cultural V.P.

Parliamentarian (to be chosen by Youth Director)
8th Grade Representative (to be chosen by Youth Director)
7th Grade Representative (to be chosen by Youth Director)

Process for running for BESTY Board

1. Read the guides and the board positions and descriptions and decide which position you want to run for

2. Fill out the letter of intent online with your parents

3. Make sure you have filled out your BESTY membership

4. Talk with Jesse, he will walk you through what election night will look like

- Elections are August 8th from 5pm-6:30pm
-You will need a 1 minute speech prepared

Process for Voting (the Big Night!)

1. Only BESTY members, those who have paid their dues can vote. So get your friends to sign up!

2. Everyone will give their 1 minute speech, starting with Religion and Cultural V.P. and working the way up to President
-After everyone in each position has given their speech everyone will vote, then the next position will go
-The Board will be annouced at the very end of the evening

Board Guidelines

1. All board members must be in good standing of Temple Beth El of South Orange County
2. All teens currently seeking to run for board must be active and paid members of BESTY
3. All board members are required to attend at least 75% of all meetings and events. If a board member needs to miss an event, they need to give more than 24 hours notice (barring sickness)
4. All incoming board members (not grade representatives) must be in 9th-12th grade
5. Board members will act as representatives of both TBESOC both at Synagogue and elsewhere. They will be good examples for other youth. 
6. Attend board retreat on August 21st from 10:00am-5:00pm.

Board Position Descriptions

President (1 Year Board Experience, Jr./Sr.)
1. Oversees and assists Executive Board
2. Creates the agenda with the Youth Director for board meetings
3. Works with the Programming V.P. for planning programming

Vice President (VP) (1 Year Board Experience, Jr./Sr.)
1. Assists President during meetings
2. Works with Communications V.P. to finalize publicity
3. Helps to run monthly events
4. Makes phone calls to thirds parties for events to confirm things such as locations, ticket prices, etc..

Programming Vice President (PVP)
1. Creates and plans programming for the year
2. Responsible for making sure events run smoothly
3. Responsible for appointing people (including themselves) for set-up and take down
4. Fills out supply requests that happen in a timely manner for all the needs of BESTY

Communications Vice President (CVP)
1. Creates publicity for events
2. Works with membership V.P. on creating personal contact list
3. Takes photos at events
4. Runs the BESTY instagram

Membership Vice President (MVP)
1. In conjunction with the rest of the board, responsible for getting teens involved with BESTY
2. In charge of sign-in for events
3. Works with Communications V.P. on creating a personal contact list

Social Action Vice President (SAVP)
!. Creates 1-2 social action events per year
2. Works with Programming V.P. to bring social action into ongoing events
3. Has the ability to work within the larger synagogue community

Religion and Cultural Vice President (RCVP)
1. Organize the BESTY service
2. Creates short teachings for events that require one
3. Leades Havdallah and other prayers that might occur during events

1. Keeps minutes during meetings
2. Assist board with tasks that might need help
3. In charge of organizing elections for the following year

7th and 8th Grade Representatives
1. Responsible for keeping their grades updated with BESTY information
2. Consistently checks in with their grade via, phone, text, email
3. Reports back to the board on the needs on their grade

Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782