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Yahrzeit Observances This Week

On Saturday, this list updates with the new week's coming observances. Then, as the week progresses and observance dates come and go, the past observances are removed from the list, so only upcoming observances are shown.


  • Jody Sandberg for Mother, Myrna Trimble
  • Joyce Hauer for mother-in-law, Carolyn Marr
  • N/A for Mark R. Goldman**
  • Sheila Rubinstein for mother, Sima Rubinstein
  • Stephen Queen for Uncle, Morris Klein


  • Adam Gubner for grandfather, Samuel Galatz
  • Charles Ribak for mother, Mrs Adele Ribak-Pogoda*
  • Claire Winograd for father, George Monical
  • John Scher for father, Barry Scher
  • Myron Margolis for father, Jack Joshua Margolis**
  • NonMember NonMember for Benjamin Chait**
  • NonMember NonMember for Eleanor Sabsevitz*
  • Nora Keisman for Grandfather, Zev Willie"" Springer
  • Nora Keisman for Grandmother, Sofia Sigal
  • Rochelle Zagalsky for husband, Nelson Zagalsky


  • Aileen Shaw for father, Murray Moskowitz*
  • April Akiva for mother, Georgia Zoher Hockett
  • David Mirsky for mother, Ms. Naomi Mirsky*
  • Gertrude Zoller for mother, Martha Drexler
  • Lisa Van Niekerk for mother, Amy Vise
  • Myron Margolis for mother, Rose** Margolis
  • N/A for Julius Hollander
  • NonMember NonMember for Norman Neller*
  • NonMember NonMember for E.Harris Nober**
  • NonMember NonMember for Dena Duhan*


* denotes a yahrzeit plaque is upstairs outside the sanctuary
** denotes a yahrzeit plaque is located in the chapel

If you would like to purchase a yahrzeit plaque in memory of a loved one, please Contact the Temple Office.

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784