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Yahrzeit Observances This Week

On Saturday, this list updates with the new week's coming observances. Then, as the week progresses and observance dates come and go, the past observances are removed from the list, so only upcoming observances are shown.


  • Allen Kirschenbaum for Mother, Ada Kirschenbaum*
  • Barbara Queen for aunt, Stella Barr
  • Gale Schlesinger for Sister, Ellen Schlesinger
  • Joan Kirschenbaum for mother, Ada Kirschenbaum*
  • Jodi Oz for Grandfather, Charles Goldman
  • Laurie-Ann Weis for father, Murray Granard
  • Lori Harris for Step-father, Al Hechinger
  • N/A for Robert Schwartz
  • N/A for Alfred R. Meyers


  • Alyssa Finkelstein for Grandmother, Alice McCallum
  • Arthur Levy for Mother, Leonore Levy
  • Jan Keith for aunt, Ruth Keith Siver
  • Jason Grumet for great-grandmother, Rose Grumet
  • Lisabeth Lobenthal for step mom, Judith Kovach
  • N/A for Jacob Oestreich
  • N/A for Max Friedlander
  • NonMember NonMember for Mollie Barkin*
  • Sandra Binder for father, Arnold Davis


  • Debra Kulick for great-grandmother, Eve Grossman Hellman
  • Henry Samueli for father, Aron Samueli*
  • Jennifer Finkel for grandmother, Shirley Waxler
  • Kathy DeLiema for Charles Rosoff
  • Leslie Tatel for Father, Barton Glaser**
  • Lisa Barman for Verner Erickson
  • Lois Rubin for Father, Mr. Jess Katzberg
  • N/A for Richard Jackson
  • Sunny Mandel for brother, Samuel Charles Friend


* denotes a yahrzeit plaque is upstairs outside the sanctuary
** denotes a yahrzeit plaque is located in the chapel

If you would like to purchase a yahrzeit plaque in memory of a loved one, please Contact the Temple Office.

Wed, November 29 2023 16 Kislev 5784