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CJL Updates10/24/22


Reviewing Simchat Torah and discussing the 5 books of Torah!

Ask your students: What are the 5 books of Torah and what is in the Torah.

1st Grade

We will begin learning the first 6 blessing words for prayers through games, acting and repeating.

Ask your students: What are the 6 words that start all Hebrew blessings

2nd Grade

We learned all about Rosh Chodesh and the Calendar. We planted our own seeds!

Ask your students: What does Rosh Chodesh mean to you and why is it important to the Hebrew Calendar?

3rd Grade

During Simchat Torah we finished reading the Torah and at the same time began reading the Torah. Therefore, this class we started the first chapter of the Torah. We learned about the story of creation. We talked about what God created each day, the meaning about importance of the creation about compared it to modern day knowledge. 

Ask your students: What did God create each day, and why was the 7th day called Shabbat?

4th Grade

We took a tour of the Temple and talked about Kashrut when we went into the kitchen and how we remember those who have passed away when we walked by memorial boards. 

Ask your students: What was their favorite room in the Temple?

5th Grade

We are began the Jewish Life Cycle by discussing family histories. I am reading them "The Blessing Cup" by Patricia Polacco, which details the history of her family coming to the US from Russia, as they escaped pogroms, etc. They kept a "Blessing Cup" throughout their journey and life in America. Even though their life had ups and downs, they were grateful for their blessings. Patricia Polacco has the Cup to this day. I will then show them the tea set I have that looks exactly like the one in the book, along with pictures of my family in Russia and throughout their lives (for the next class, I will ask them to bring pictures of their family, if they would like). We will begin to discuss the "histories" they will devise for their bears which will appear at the end of class.

Ask your students: What would they specifically like to know about their family histories? Who would they like to talk to? What do they consider the most fascinating aspect

6th Grade

We talked about this weeks Torah portion- Parsha Noah, with special guest teacher, Joahannah. 

Ask you students: What was something new and interesting you learned about Noah, you didn't know before?

7th Grade

We are going to discuss why hate exists and how we can turn negativity into positivity.

Ask your students: What they can do to create Positive connections between their peers.


CJL Updates 9/19/22


We learned about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Ask your students: What is Rosh Hashanah all about?

1st Grade

We braided and baked round challot, made Shanah Tocah cards and read a story about Rosh Hashanah. 

Ask your students: How do we celebrate Rosh Hashanah and why do we blow the shofar?

2nd Grade

We learned about the concept of teshuvah and how new beginnings can occur with apologies. Students wrote intentions/goals for the new year.

Ask your students: Why is teshuvah so important during the High Holy Days?

3rd Grade

Today we learned all about Rosh Hashanah. We explored the traditions, customs and rituals of the holiday and dived deeper into the symbolism and meanings.

Ask your students: What makes Rosh Hashanah different than other Jewish holidays?

4th Grade

We discussed Rosh Hashanah and the symbols of the Rosh Hashanah Seder. Then the students created a symbol that represents a significant part of their life and presented to the class. 

Ask your students: What symbol did you create and how does it represent you?

5th Grade

We made media collages about Rosh Hashanah

Ask your students: What mitzvah have you done this week? Why did you decide to do it? How did you feel afterwards?

6th Grade

We went through the Torah portion and learned to engage the different levels and meanings. This week we explored why the human was created last and what that means for our role and purpose on earth.

Ask you students: What fruit grew on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and what happened when Adam and Eve ate it?

7th Grade

We talked about what we are thankful for, how we can create a better world, and what are the things that connect us.

Ask your students: What are you thankful for are we begin the countdown to the High Holy Days?


CJL Updates 9/12/22


We go to know each other and our community!

Ask your students: What friends did you get to meet and who were the new friends that your met?

1st Grade

Today we decorated a poster in both Hebrew and English to welcome us to the start of the new year. 

Ask your students: What is something new you learned about someone in your class?

2nd Grade

We began our year long journey by participating in team building activities and getting to know you activities. They learned the significance of the number 18 and reviewed the Shabbat Blessings.

Ask your students: Why is the number 18 so important to the Jewish people? What did we do in 18 minutes? What is something you learned about your new classmates?

3rd Grade

The students got to know each other, create a class puzzle, play some ice breaker games, and talk about the coming year.

Ask your students: Did you meet any new friends today? Tell me one new thing you learned about someone.

4th Grade

We created a class breit (class rules). Hebrew level assessment for each student. 

Ask your students: What is a breit and what they think is important for a breit to have?

5th Grade

Students had a chance to pair off and discuss Jewish values in their learning environment and how they want to live them in their classroom.

Ask your students: What do they look forward to most in school? What do they like ot do most after school? How do they think they learn best?

6th Grade

We started with some team building and get ot know you games, created class agreements which led into a discussions about appreciation diffrences. And then we introduced our topic for the year- "Chumash" which the the book from the Torah.

Ask you students: What is the difference between the Torah and the Bible or the Tanach

7th Grade

We learned about the idea of Kehillah (community). Students will recognize they have more Similarities than differences.

Ask your students: What makes them apart of the community?


CJL Updates 4/25/22


We had a wonderful day of Mitzvah and Earth day fun...

Ask your child, how is it a Mitzvah to take care of our earth? Next week we will learn all about Yom Ha'atzmaut!

1st Grade

We learned all about the sanctuary with second grade!

2nd Grade

We learned all about the sanctuary with first grade!

3rd and 4th

Today we talked about Israeli memorial day, which is the day before independence day. We discussed the history, customs, and meaning about this special day. Ask your child what happens when the air raid siren starts on memorial day in Israel. Next week we will learn about Israeli independence day, as well as the population and defining aspects of the country.

5th Grade

Today we continued our progress in beit midrash!

6th Grade Today we continued our progress in beit midrash!
7th Grade Today we continued our progress in beit midrash!


CJL Updates 3/28/22


We celebrated with the 5th Graders and their Bears!

1st Grade

Today we discussed Passover and made placemats to use at our Seders.

We also attended 5th grade Bear Mitzvah! Ask your child what is one of the plagues?

2nd Grade

We celebrated with the 5th Graders and their Bears!

3rd and 4th

We continued talking about Passover.

We learned the traditions and customs of the holiday and the parts of the Seder

(Passover dinner), as well as the foods on the Seder Plate and what they represent.

We also finished making our Matzah holders.

Ask your child what happened at the Red Sea?

5th Grade

We celebrated our Bear Mitzvah!

6th Grade Today we had a special t'fillah with Rabbi K'vod!
7th Grade
Today we had a special t'fillah with Rabbi K'vod!


CJL Updates 3/7/22


Today we enjoyed an evening of Shabbat and Purim Fun! Ask your child about the characters and leaders in the Purim story. Next week we will celebrate Purim as a community!

1st Grade Today we leard about God through a few packets. We talked about God, being thankful, and the shema. 
2nd Grade

Today we made mezuzot!

3rd and 4th Today, we talked about Purim and learned the history, the characters, and the story that make it a Jewish holiday. We also discussed the traditions, customs, and food associated with Purim. Ask your child what are the different names for hamentashen and what do they represent?
5th Grade

Today we tied tzitzit for our bears! Don't forget to RSVP for the Bear Mitzvah!

6th Grade Today we played some fun games to practice our Hebrew! Ask your student how they did on the quiz! 
7th Grade Today  we explored the idea of tradition and why oral story telling is important to the Jewish people. Ask your students any traditions they remember from their own home!


CJL Updates 2/28/22


We found out our favorite thing or idea about Shabbat and we decorated our Shabbat candles. Ask your child what Shabbat means to them! Next week we will begin learning about Purim and the leaders in the story.

1st Grade Today we leard about God through a few packets. We talked about God, being thankful, and the shema. We looked at the mezuzot in the temple to see the parchment that has the shema in it.
2nd Grade

Today we went on a mezuzah hunt! Ask your child how many they found!

3rd and 4th Today, we discussed the many rooms within Temple Beth El. We ended our synagogue field trip in the sanctuary, where we talked about the eternal candle, arc, stage, and other important parts of this sacred room. The class got to look at the opened torah scroll as we delved into the process of making a torah. Finally, the class held the crowns and pointer hand of the torah, as well as got answers for their plentiful sanctuary related questions. Ask your child what is the torah made of? What happens if the torah scribe makes a mistake while writing it? What happens if that mistake is in the name of God? What is special about the eternal light? Next week we will  continue our Temple Beth El field trip, exploring all of the Jewish symbols within it.
5th Grade

Today we learned about the Tallit and what the tzitzit stand for. We all talked about the different types of commandments that are listed in the Torah. Ask your child about the upcoming "Bear Mitzvah" on March 28th! Next week we will tie tzitzit for the bear!

6th Grade Today Morah Shira was our sub and we continuted our study of Judges!
7th Grade Today we explored what we can do to make the world a better place. Ask your student what they can do to help make the world a better place.


CJL Updates 2/14/22


Today we enjoyed a day of challah making and painting our challah covers. Ask your child  why do we cover the Challah?

1st Grade Today we talked about rainbows and God's promise to not destroy the world. What do we each promise to do to make the world a better place and follow God's laws. Ask your student what the prayer is we say when we see a rainbow. Remember to complete the last page of the booklet!
2nd Grade

Did you know that February is Jewish Disabilities Acceptance and Inclusion month? Today we learned that EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect and that sometimes people have struggles we can't see. Ask your student to teach you the Shema in American Sign Language.

3rd and 4th Today we learned about Tu B'av, the Jewish Valentines Day. Ask your child what Tu B'Av means?
5th Grade

Today we learned about Tu B'av and how it is often considered the Jewish Valentine's Day. Ask your student what new things they learned in Hebrew.

6th Grade Today we are continuing to learn the story of the "judge" named Gideon. We spoke about why he was chosen to lead. Ask your student what character traits Gideon had?
7th Grade Today we asked the question " what makes you Jewish?" Students explored the importance of their own Judaism as well as why being Jewish is important to them. Ask your student how they answered the big question!


CJL Updates 2/7/22


We had fun discussing and creating tzedakah boxes and other symbols of Shabbat. Ask your child why we collect tzedakah?

1st Grade Today we played Jewish Holiday dominoes! Then we talked about how we have differences and similarities, but are all made in God's image - b'tzelem elohim in Hebrew. We prayed with Rabbi and Zachary and then we had a fun time in Hebrew through Movement.
2nd Grade

Today we talked about the origins of our 3 daily prayers - Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Then everyone came up with 3-5 prayers for each time of day (shacharit - morning, minchah-afternoon, maariv - evening). Ask your child what was their favorite prayer that they came up with today?

3rd and 4th Today we finished the video series on Joseph's story. We talked about compassion, revenge, and forgiveness. Also continued with our Hebrew workbooks. Ask your child how do we communicate with God and how does God communicate with us?
5th Grade

Today in class we reviewed the Hebrew alphabet and the Jewish lifecycle! Ask your child what was new in beit midrash? Don't forget to log-in to online Hebrew!

6th Grade Today we learned about the "judge" Gideon in the Book of Judges and how he learned about his destiny. Ask your child, what were some of the characteristics of Gideon?
7th Grade Today we explored what makes us good people  - ask your child what they think makes them a good person!


CJL Updates 1/31/22

Kindergarten We spent more time learning about Shabbat with friends! Ask your child why do we have Shabbat? Next week we will enjoy more symbols of Shabbat!
1st Grade Today we talked about the shema prayer, when we say it, why it's important and learned about God's creation. Ask your child to recited the shema for you!
2nd Grade

Today we learned about how many times a day Jewish people pray! Some Jews pray in the morning, noon, and night! Ask your student about this! Please make sure to send your students with sweatshirts! It's chilly outside when we eat! Thank you!

3rd and 4th Today we learned the first half of Joseph's story and watched some fun videos about it. Ask your child what happened to Joseph?
5th Grade

Today in class we learned all about t'fillin and we event learned how to wrap them! Ask your child if they put on t'fillin! Don't forget we have online Hebrew this week!

6th Grade Ask your child which prayer they are working on in beit midrash!
7th Grade Today we talked about what it means to become bar or bat mitzvah. We explored the importance of the ritual! Ask your student what it means to them.


CJL Updates 1/24/22

We were so happy to welcome back our students to in-person instruction!

See you again next week - 1/31/22 and please remember to send your kiddos with a jacket and water bottle!

Kindergarten We spent time dreaming our our ideal shabbat!
1st Grade This week we finished our blessing booklets! We added the blessings for children on shabbat and we talked about the blessings we say on shabbat with our family. Ask your student what are the blessings we say at home on shabbat? 
2nd Grade Today we started to learn about Joseph  and his family! Ask your student how many brothers Joseph has?
3rd and 4th Grade Today we learned about the the birth of Isaac and the story of Jacob and Essau through acting and Mad Libs. Ask your student why did Abraham and Sarah name their child Isaac?
5th Grade

Today we finished decorating the Kippot for our class bears!! Next week we will continue our bear's life cycle journey!

6th Grade Today we reviewed the stories of the judges that we learned before the break by acting them out. Ask your student which of the stories they acted out?
7th Grade Today we talked about what it means to be Jewish. We looked at various quotes from well-known Jewish scholars to discuss this idea. Ask your child which of the quotes was their favorite?


CJL Updates 12/13/2021

Today was our last day of class before winter break! We will have online Hebrew classes through this week - the last day for online Hebrew will be 12/16. We will resume Monday CJL on 1/3/2022!

Have a wonderful break with your families and we will see you in the new year!




CJL Updates 12/06/2021

Kindergarten:   We had a fun eve of ending our last day of Chanukah with Chanukah fun! LEARNING, CRAFTS and SONGS. We are all so very sad our holiday is over. Ask your child:  Why we are free to celebrate our holidays and about our freedom to practice religion! Next week we will: Focus on God's promise and begin discussion on Shabbat.

First Grade: Today we shared about our family Chanukah celebrations and read a story for the last day of the holiday. We added to our blessing books the blessings for fruit and vegetables. Ask your child: To tell you the blessings we learned today!

Second Grade:  Today we started talking about the state of Israel! Ask your child: Which two colors make up the Israeli flag and what it looks like?

Third and Fourth Grade: Today we played Hanukkah themed Hebrew games, made an origami dreidel, and played a Hanukkah review kahoot game! Ask your child: What is the difference between the dreidels in Israel and the dreidels in the rest of the world?

Fifth Grade:  We brainstormed a list of all of the important "firsts" in our bear's lives! Ask your child: What they are most looking forward to celebrating this year.

Sixth Grade:  We are learning about the prophetess Deborah and how she helped the General Barak save the people from Sisera! Ask your child: Who was Yael and what was her contribution to the story?

Seventh Grade:  Today we are focusing on tzedakah. We talked about what kinds of things are tzedakah.  Ask your child: What message did they write for the Western Wall?





Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783