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Adult Education

Learning with others in community allows us to live our Jewish value of Talmud Torah. Whether you can pop in for one class or make it for an entire series, we invite you to stimulate your lifelong love for Judaism and learning by participating in any/all of the following opportunities.

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Can We Talk?!
We Talk?!: Understanding and Overcoming Polarization In A Time of Division with Sacha Bonder of One America and Rabbi K’vod

Tuesdays May 17, 24, 31
from 7 - 9pm

The Science of Polarization-Our brains
are wired for survival. When you first meet a person, your brain almost instantly asks,  “Are they a friend or foe — a part of your group — or an outsider?” In this session, participants learn about the subtle inner workings of your brain and behavior that influence how human beings interact with one another. Participants will discuss the differences between normal and toxic polarization, and study examples of healthy division found in Jewish texts. 

our Fears around America’s Division-Pirkei Avot 1.6 teaches us to "...judge every person meritoriously." Living out this value is easier said than done. In this session, participants learn current research and data on division and polarization in American society. Such research shows that our perceptions are often different from reality. Our assumptions about the views of the other side are often incorrect, and moreover, we make incorrect assumptions about how others view us. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the research findings and consider how it does/does not speak to our lived experiences. We will explore ways to overcome our own tendencies to make judgments and assumptions and Jewish teachings around this value. 

Through Difficult Topics-In this session, participants will study a famous text from Talmud about honoring multiple perspectives.  Participants will learn skills for how to have productive, meaningful discussions with people who don’t think, vote, or believe the same way they do. Participants will practice having a conversation on a controversial topic.

The Ravine:  A Family, A Photograph, A Holocaust Massacre Revealed

A Lecture with Professor Wendy Lower in honor of Yom HaShoah
Tuesday, April 26th - 7:00 pm

In 2009, Wendy Lower was shown a photograph just brought to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The documentation of the Holocaust is vast, but there are few known images of a Jewish family at the actual moment of murder, in this case by German officials and Ukrainian collaborators. A Ukrainian shooter’s rifle is inches from a woman’s head, obscured in a cloud of smoke. The woman is bending forward, holding the hand of a barefoot boy. Wendy Lower’s detective work—in Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia, Israel, and the United States—recovers layers of detail concerning the open-air massacres in Ukraine. Her search for the identities of the victims, of the killers—and, remarkably, of the photographer who openly took the picture, as a secret act of resistance—are dramatically uncovered. Finally, in the hands of this scholar, a single image unlocks a new understanding of the place of the family unit in the history and aftermath of Nazi genocide.

Wendy Lower, Ph.D. is the John K. Roth Professor of History and George R. Roberts Fellow at Claremont McKenna College where she also directs the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights.  Lower chairs the Academic Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and served as Acting Director of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the USHMM (2016-2018).

Orange County Community Scholar Program (CSP)

TBESOC prides itself on bringing quality content and educational programming to its community. Throughout the years we have enjoyed spiritual nourishment, educational enlightenment and magical moments that we have shared together as a community. Recently, TBESOC has created a phenomenal opportunity and partnership with the Community Scholar Program. The Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program (“CSP”) is a community-wide endeavor committed to adult Jewish education and family Jewish celebrations. These programs bring exciting new content and intellectual stimulation through travel, art, history and culture. We couldn’t imagine a better educational tool at our fingertips and in the comfort of our own homes to take us on a journey to places and spaces we couldn’t previously go to before! We encourage you to join and embrace the power of what CSP has to offer each of us individually and as a community.  

Mon, May 16 2022 15 Iyyar 5782