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In the Psalms it says “For You, silence is Praise.” Many of us find that some of our deepest connections with God or a Presence larger than ourselves can happen in silence. Our Jewish tradition is rich with meditative and contemplative practices and teachings. This webpage is an opportunity to access resources to make meditation a part of your life here at Temple Beth El of South Orange County.


Upcoming Events

Meditation and Spiritual Practice With Rabbi K’vod Wieder
Tuesdays at 9 am (beginning March 31st)

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This 45 minute to an hour session will be an opportunity to meditate together with gentle guidance and explore different dimensions of meditative practice.



Meditations & Resources


Music & Meditation:

Visit our YouTube Music & Meditation playlist here with Cantor Natalie Young:

Meditation and Spiritual Practice 

Visit our YouTube Meditation playlist here with Rabbi K'vod:


Four Worlds Meditation- Rabbi Kvod Wieder 


Neshamah Breath Meditation 


Click Here for “Resources for Jewish Meditation”

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784