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B'nei Mitzvah Resources

There are a variety of Friday night worship services offered throughout the calendar year: Kabbalat Shabbat indoors with our Shabbat Chai families; Outdoor Kabbalat Shabbat during the summer months; a more traditional Reform service in the late evening in the sanctuary; Soul Spark Shabbat in the rotunda or chapel; and online services via our Lives Stream channel, Zoom, and YouTube Live. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah and their family will participate in whichever service coincides with his/her chosen weekend; the blessings are the same for all Friday night services.

Shabbat Friday Night Blessings


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Mishkan T'filah

Siddur Lev Shalem

Candlelighting Blessing by Cantor Young (mp3)     Candlelighting for Shabbat Blessing
Lighting two candles marks the beginning of Shabbat. It is historically traditional for a woman to perform this ritual by first lighting the candles; then inward-waving her hands over the lit candles three times (to embrace the Shabbat rest: not working, not talking about work, and not worrying about work); covering her eyes (as if the candles were not yet lit); reciting the blessing aloud; and then opening her eyes (as if Shabbat has miraculously entered into our midst).

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Kiddush by Cantor Young (mp3)     Kiddush for Evening of Shabbat
Recited standing with a raised, full cup of wine (symbolizing joy) or grape juice, the Kiddush sanctifies the beginning of Shabbat.

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Motzi by Cantor Young (mp3)     Hamotzi: Breaking Bread
Is is customary to recite a blessing over two whole loaves of challah on Shabbat (to commemorate the double portion of mannah that fell on Fridays when the Jewish people were wandering in the wilderness), and then share the bread with the community

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