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B'nei Mitzvah Resources

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah can choose to lead either the Reform, Conservative, or Jerusalem Shabbat service. The minhagim (community customs), nusachim (order of the prayers and musical melodies), length, amount of Hebrew, and other important differences distinguish these three Saturday morning worship options, as well as special considerations for our Zoom Reform and Zhabbat (Conservative) services. B'nai Mitzvah and their families are encouraged to sample them all!

Shabbat Saturday Morning Services

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Mishkan T'filah

Siddur Lev Shalem

Tallit Blessing by Cantor Young (mp3)     Blessing for Putting on the Tallit
This blessing is said while holding the tallit (prayer shawl) before wrapping oneself in it and draping it around their shoulders. The tzitzit (fringes along the bottom) serve to remind us of the Torah's mitzvot and the ideal of holiness as explained in the book of Numbers.

86 102

Morning Blessings by Cantor Young (mp3)     Morning Blessings ((ברכות השחר
Each of these 14 blessings evoke wonder and appreciation for the daily miracles in our lives.

94-98 103-104*

Eilu d'varim by Cantor Young (mp3)      Eilu d'varimEilu d'varim by Cantor Shula (mp3)
"These are the things...of which a person enjoys the fruit of the world...Bu the study of Torah encompasses them all."

102 *

Ashrei by Cantor Young (mp3)     Ashrei (Psalm 145)Ashrei by Cantor Shula (mp3)
A joyous song of praise, written in alphabetical acrostic.

111-112 136*

Chatzi Kaddish by Cantor Young (mp3)      Chatzi KaddishChatzi Kaddish by Cantor Shula (mp3)
This "partial" Kaddish calls us to praise the name of G-d.

120 148*

Yotzer by Cantor Young (mp3)     Yotzer

124 150

V'ahavta by Cantor Young (mp3)      V'ahavtaV'ahavta by Cantor Shula (mp3)

130 155

Amidah by Cantor Young (mp3)      Amidah (Avot, G'vurot)Amidah by Cantor Shula (mp3)

140, 142 159-160

Concluding Prayers/Musaf

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Mishkan T'filah

Siddur Lev Shalem

Ashrei by Cantor Young (mp3)     AshreiAshrei by Cantor Shula (mp3)

** 181-182

Mizmor L'David by Cantor Young (mp3)     Mizmor L'David

** 183

MISSING AUDIO (mp3)      Kaddish Shalem (Mourner's Kaddish)Ashrei by Cantor Shula (mp3)




MISSING AUDIO by Cantor Young (mp3)     V'shamru (Kiddush for Shabbat Morning)Ashrei by Cantor Shula (mp3)


* NOTE: For Conservative Saturday morning services, the פסוק' דזמרא (P'sukei D'zimra) portion is not led by a Bar/Bat Mitzvah; this section ends with the Chatzi Kaddish. Conservative B'nai Mitzvah may include Shacharit with permission from Rabbi K'vod, and recordings of these prayers and blessings is available upon request

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