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Our Clergy

Our Clergy Team includes

Cantor Natalie Young
Rabbi K’vod Wieder

Our Clergy team of Rabbi K'vod Weider and Cantor Natalie Young prepare weekly offerings for you to learn more about Torah, music and prayer. Each week they will be offered on Facebook, in our newsletter and will remain here for you to learn at your own pace.

From Cantor Natalie Young

Cantor Natalie shares a song she wrote dedicated to the members of BE Sisters:


Cantor Young shares Niggun Labania by Alma.

When have you experienced a piece of music as a true expression of where you were in a particular moment?

It can be challenging in today’s world to focus inward and be present in the moment. Music can be used as a spiritual practice, helping one to connect to the breath and the Divine flow that sustains us. Through rhythm, dynamics, melody and phrase, we are invited in to connect to the deepest parts of ourselves with music as the gateway to the soul. Niggunim (wordless melodies) in particular, allow us to bring personal connection and intention to where we are in the moment, without text defining that space.


Cantor Young shares this original melody written during her first year of Cantorial school in Jerusalem, which is now being used by communities around the world:


A message from Cantor Young


Niggun Esoud

Cantor Young shares a message about Niggun Esoud- the foundation that connects us to ourselves.


The Joys of Music

Music is the language of the soul and can help bring us back to the storehouse of sacred memory. As a child, my father used to sing me this beautiful Yiddish lullaby, Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen. It was one of my favorites. When I became a mother, I sang to my own children those sweet songs I heard as a child. Music has been a connective thread through the generations of my family. What is a song rooted in memory that brings you back to a moment of great joy or peace?




From Rabbi K'vod Wieder

Click the title to view the video:

2.5 Minutes of Torah from December 3, 2020

Rabbi K'vod talks about what is the function of Jewish Holidays:


Parshat Mishpatim

Rabbi K’vod shares a strategy about finding God in the details from this week’s Torah portion.

Teva and Torah Parshat Vayigash


Teva and Torah


Teva and Torah: Parshat Vayechi


Teva and Torah: 

Rabbi K’vod shares a rabbinic teaching to address the shocking event at the Capitol this week:


Teva and Torah: Parshat Va’era

Rabbi K’vod shares how the dialogue between Moses and Pharaoh can give us deeper insight into the difference between freedom and liberty.


Teva and Torah: Parshat Bo

Rabbi K'vod shares how the plague of darkness is relevant to our own personal and spiritual growth. How do you illuminate darkness in your life?


Rabbi K’vod shares how singing is an act of faith and its connection with Tu B’sheva:









Wed, March 3 2021 19 Adar 5781