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High Holy Days 2020/5781

High Holy Days 2020/5781 Services

We provided intimate, unique, live and pre-recorded opportunities for worship for the High Holy Days. In addition to our beautiful evening services for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur/Kol Nidre, there was online learning and activity components for children. Additionally, temple members received an “At Home Kit” to supplement these digital experiences. Links to participate in the services were available to logged in members or guests who purchased tickets, and some of the recordings are available on this website for you to view (or re-view!)


Prior Year High Holy Day Recordings

S’lichot 2019/5780

  • View the recording of Havdalah with Cantor Young & Rabbi K’vod - here
  • Watch the Reform Service with Cantor Young – here
  • Watch the Conservative Service with USCJ –  here

Sermons From 2019/5780

Erev Rosh Hashanah
Cantor Shula Kalir Merton
Starting Over (PDF)

Rosh Hashanah
Rabbi K'vod Wieder
Erech Apayim: The Personal and Political Dimensions of Understanding and Transforming Anger (PDF)

Rosh Hashanh Day 2
Cantor Sue Deutsch
Kol D’Mamah Dakah: The Still Small Voice. Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to? (PDF)

Yom Kippur

Rabbi K’vod Wieder
Sitting on the Throne of Compassion: The Moment to Moment Choice To Relate To Ourselves From a Divine Place (PDF)

Sermons From 2018/5779

Rabbi K'vod Wieder

Living For Eternity Part I - Living Each Moment For Maximum Impact (PDF)

Yom Kippur
Rabbi K'vod Wieder
Living For Eternity Part II - Sharing Who We Are With Others (PDF)

Sermons From 2017/5778

Rosh Hashanah

Rabbi K'vod Wieder
Our Prophetic Legacy (PDF)

Yom Kippur

Rabbi K'vod Wieder
Boundaries that Unite - Exploring the Sacred in Community (PDF)

Sun, June 20 2021 10 Tammuz 5781