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Our Legacy Society


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There are actually two motivating forces that influenced our participating in this legacy commitment.  

One:  We moved to Orange County 12 years ago from Cleveland Ohio, where Jewish identity and philanthropy to Jewish institutions was ingrained.   It was a culture shock to find that was not the case here.  The first thing we did after relocating was to find a synagogue where we could engage in social, religious and educational pursuits.  Since our daughter and son-in-law were members of Temple Beth El we joined and immediately became integrated into its life.  

Two:  My father and mother instilled in us the strong obligation to secure a future for generations to come and so it is only natural that we continue the legacy set forth by their example.  We hope that our grandchildren will look back on our deeds and by example continue their obligation to their Jewish heritage.


Shirley (z"l) & Lew Einbund (z"l)

The Packer Family

We have been members of Temple Beth El of South Orange County since 1991. During this time, we have seen tremendous growth in TBE and the greater Orange County Jewish community. Being Jewish as a family and as part of a community has grown in importance to us over the years.

However, in the last 5 – 10 years, we are starting to see a decline in both enthusiasm and participation at TBESOC. We are not alone as this trend can be seen across the nation. We are still hopeful that the cherished memories and benefits that we have experienced and enjoyed over the last 25 years can be there for future generations.

My reason for encouraging my husband Joel and I to become participants in the Legacy Society go back to words of Rabbi Allen Krause, of blessed memory, which echo in my head, they are “If Jews don’t support Jewish causes, who will?”

When we moved to the Orange County area, it was important to my wife (Bonni) that she find and integrate into our new local Jewish community. Little did I (Patti) know that her quest would become equally important to me. At a Temple Beth El women's retreat I was asked about my name, and not knowing its roots sent me on a mission to find out by researching my ancestry. Soon, I found out my mother's side of the family immigrated to the US from Hungary....and on the ship manifest listed them as "Hebrews". Fast forward to now, I am a Jew by Choice AND by genealogy. I feel deeply the importance of investing in maintaining a Jewish hub in our neighborhood...where Jews can come and find each other now and for years to come. We both now share the priority of helping to ensure that, far beyond our lifetimes, the Progressive Jewish community in South Orange County can find each other and engage in Jewish communal life! 

Bonni Pomush & Patti Holliday

Avi & Shiffy Crane

When our family relocated from Israel in 1985, we were blessed to find Rabbi Allen Krause זיל and the Temple Beth El family.  Our children received a foundation in our religion and culture at Beth El and at Morasha. 

Our Shul, along with the greater Orange County Jewish Community has built a foundation that will endure with the dedication of the clergy and staff, the volunteer work of members and the financial support of those who are able to do their part in assuring the Jewish future in the OC for generations to come.

Mispachat Crane is privileged to be able to contribute to the future of Temple Beth El of South Orange County.

My husband Steve and I joined Temple Beth El of South Orange County in 1999. Our youngest son attended religious school and had his Bar mitzvah here. Because of the welcoming nature of our temple, I too studied and accomplished my adult B’nai Mitzvah here. We celebrated here and mourned our losses here. We both felt it very important to support the continuation of Jewish institutions in Orange County and to assist their being around long after we are but a memory! 

We have always felt that Hillel said it best when he said: If I am not for myself, who is for me?
If I am only for myself, what Am I? If not now when?

We are so glad we have taken the opportunity to join the Legacy Society at Temple Beth El for our children and our children’s children.  

Mollie & Steven (z"l) Lazarus

Rosemary & Howard Stevens

As members of the Temple Beth El community we have come home to family.  As is typical of many children, Howard became Bar Mitzvah, and then did not return.  His family was culturally Jewish, but other than family holiday dinners, had no religious observance.  When we had children, they were included in these events, and Rosemary started to study Judaism, intrigued by the emphasis on family observance.  With her formal conversion, our whole family became active in the Jewish community.  It is important to us that the education available to the future students and families at Temple Beth El continue to leave a positive experience so they don’t drift away from the Jewish community and take years to return.  With Howard’s experience as an attorney, justice is an important ethical value.  We want to see Jewish Family Services be able to continue its efforts to promote justice to all families.

Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783