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 Shavuot at Temple Beth El
June 4-5, 2022
Ascending The Mountain: All Night Shavuot Experience
7:30 pm - 8:30 am


Meeting ID: 818 9998 4985

Passcode: 896716

As a sacred window in time, the holiday of Shavuot invites us into an experience of personal and communal revelation. More than a historical moment, the story of the Israelites receiving Torah at Mount Sinai is meant to be re-experienced by us as an opportunity to receive guidance around how to live our lives more soulfully- with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

Join the community of Temple Beth El in an all night journey using sacred texts, stories, meditation, and music to ascend the mountain of revelation to reveal a Torah that is personal, authentic, and life-giving. Come for whatever portion you’d like. Bring a sleeping bag if you want.

If you’d like to contribute a dairy dessert or snacks for the evening, please email Shiffy Crane at

 Evening Schedule

7:30pm -  Dessert Reception
(Homemade Apple Kugel, Blintz Soufflé, Cheesecakes, Fruit and cheese platter, and more)

8:00pm  -  Evening Service

8:45pm  – The Torah of Music -  Cantor Natalie Young

9:45pm – Mystical Knowledge: Is It Essential Or Peripheral To Understanding Torah?
- Rabbi K’vod Wieder

Our tradition has different opinions about accessing esoteric knowledge and how it makes us better human beings. We will examine essential rabbinic texts that highlight the different perspectives on the direct pursuit of experiencing God.

10:45pm  - What Can The Book of Ruth Teach Us about Relationships?  or How you, too, can “Build Community One Person at a Time” – Wendy Lupul

We will examine what The Book of Ruth can teach us about relationships and our own capability and capacity for kindness, caring and the start of lifelong friendship, loyalty and love.

11:30pm – Ice Cream Sundaes/Banana Splits

11:45pm – From Passover to Pentecost:  A Comparison of Jewish and Christian Liturgical and Theological Cycles during the Omer - Rabbi Marcia Tilchin

By understanding the underlying sacred patterns of this season in Judaism and Christianity, we are better prepared for the experience of revelation.

1:00am– Revelation at Sinai - The Greatest Event In Human History - Mark Adler

2:00am – Like Water Dripping On a Rock: The Impact of Jewish Prayer on Our Intellect
and Soul - Steve Birch

Probing the practice of Jewish prayer and the prayers themselves to uncover the ways that the words of our prayer books effect the way that we see the world and relate to the Source of it all. We’ll look at specific common and less common prayers or parts of prayers for ways that we can experience this.

3:00am - Chanting Into the Beyond - Moshe and Evan Wohl, Rabbi K’vod

Through sacred rhythms and expansive soundscapes, we’ll use Hebrew chant to access a trance state and open to a deeper state of consciousness.

4:00 - Ana B’Koach: Exploring A Friday Night Mystical Prayer and It’s Power To Eradicate Negativity - Brad Shapero

5:00  - Break

5:30 am - Shavuot Sunrise Service with Full Torah Reading

Monday, June 6th – 9:30 am 

2nd Day Shavuot Services with Yizkor (11:30 am)







Mon, May 16 2022 15 Iyyar 5782